In the Memory of the crew of the
nuclear powered submarine Kursk

Los-Angeles is guilty for distracting Kursk?

The authorities of Russia and USA have agreed to hide the truth about debacle

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Dmitry Filimonov

This snapshot was made by the Russian intelligence satellite on August 19, 2000 from the altitude of 40 thousand meters. This is the Norwegian naval base Haakonsvern, arranged on the coast of a Grimstad-fiord in a province Hordalan, in nine kilometers to the southwest from Bergen. Geographical coordinates of base are 60-20-20 N, 5-13-53 E, ? = +20?. Naval base Haakonsvern is used by the small and medium ships - up to frigate class, but not for for submarines.

On the August, 19 the nuclear submarine of the Los Angeles class has come into Haakonsvern and moored in the piers close to the frigate of Oslo class. A submarine moored in the piers, instead of dock, because the docks in Haakonsvern, we have to repeat, are not assigned for submarines, especially nuclear. We presume that the name of this boat is Memphis or Toledo. Both of them are of Los Angeles class submarines. The submarines of this class are of 109,7 meters length, 10,1 meters high and 9,9 meters width. Displacement is of 6000 tons.

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The boat coming for the repair had considerable damages in the bow, and that was captured by the means of optical-electronic reconnaissance. The thick rubber-ceramic skin of the submarine was torn off, as a peel from a banana. Obviously the steel inner hall was also damaged.

The boat has been repaired for 8 days. On the August, 27 in second half of day she left the base and has departed to the coast of Britain. The boat doubled the British islands in the east, entered Southampton on the southern coast of England and became on repair in closed dock.

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The collision with the Kursk in Barents sea took place on the August, 12. The damaged submarine of Los Angeles class has come to Haakonsvern on the August, 19, which is in one week after accident with Kursk. And now it is necessary to recover news reports, came after the official information on accident in Barents sea. In Interfax agency appeared and wasn't noticed a report that, under the data of the Russian intelligence service, a certain underwater object of weight up to 9000 tons drifts from Barents sea to the coast of Norway. Other report: the CIA director has arrived in Moscow. Both these of the fact are connected.

Kursk and American submarine of Los Angeles class collided on the August, 12. This collision caused the detonation of ammunition in a bow compartment of Kursk. The Russian boat sank. As it is known, close to her our (Russian) reconnaissance satellite founded an object looked like submarine of smaller displacement. Soon, as it was reported by news agencies, this object disappeared. After collision the crew of the American submarine has managed to remove a boat from the area of accident. The boat needed emergency repair because of severe damages. There was a decision to go for operating repair in the Norwegian base Haakonsvern, despite the fact that this base is assigned for submarines. However because of damages the speed of a boat was very low. The boat has been proceeded from the area of accident in Barents sea to the coast of Norway for 7 days. Usually it takes 2 days. It was the American submarine, which one "drifted" in the direction of Norway. The operating repair took 8 days. Then the submarine went to Southampton in full speed for capital repair in adapted closed dock.

The CIA director has arrived to Moscow to hush up the conflict and to prevent possible war. Wherefore the Russian authorities knew about the truth concerning the accident. On the August, 19 the published photo was given to the Russian minister of defense and to commander -in-chief who was having a rest in Sochi. Again Russia and USA have appeared on the verge of armed conflict. The agreement of two parties to hide the truth has prevented the conflict. Photos with naval base Haakonsvern and damaged submarine in the pier has become Top Secret.

Certainly, it is a version only. But, taking into account above-stated, it is very important.

We publish a snapshot the Kursk killer not for inflaming conflict. The people should know the truth. Both in Russia, and in the USA.