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Furniture (26) new Dolphin Co. Ltd.
Technical user support and buyers of production of the company.   Added: 06.03.05, hits: 4198, per week - 5 | Modify | Delete

Hormann: Gates, Automation, doors, partitions   Added: 15.06.11, hits: 1402, per week - 3 | Modify | Delete

Hytte fra Russland [Archive]
Vil De bygge ei hytte? Det er mange forslag. Hvordan a velge? Norske firmaer tilbyr flotte hytter. Bare et problem - hoy pris.Tenk seg om russiske mestere.   Added: 17.07.06, hits: 2433, per week - 3 | Modify | Delete Polar Org
Public organization Circle and branches: from construction to catering, charity, social support, rehabilitation, construction and repair.   Added: 28.08.10, hits: 3417, per week - 7 | Modify | Delete

АМК - building company
Complex of professional services on repair: offices, shops and apartments including "on a turn-key basis"; capital and face lifting of entrances of apartment houses; repair of a roof; front works; services of the designer and the architect; the coordination of re-plannings, etc.   Added: 05.05.08, hits: 4108, per week - 6 | Modify | Delete

Crane rental at affordable prices. The exceptional quality of service. A wide variety of aerial platforms. Rent for any period. Free advice on hotels. Price calculation on the site.   Added: 12.12.14, hits: 312, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

Disign-studio "Provence"
Development of design of interiors, ex-terriers, web-design, landscape design, phytodesign, design of polygraphy.   Added: 09.04.05, hits: 4455, per week - 5 | Modify | Delete

Wholesale and retail trade qualitative import and domestic sanitary engineering . Amalgamators for kitchen, bathrooms. Furniture for bathrooms of the Bath and shower cabins. Faience and kitchen sinks. The various sanitary equipment for a complete set of kitchen and bathrooms.   Added: 20.09.06, hits: 4663, per week - 6 | Modify | Delete

Aquaprof Ltd.
Aquaprof Ltd. - designing and installation of systems of water supply, water removal, the water drain, fire extinguishing and heating on the basis of polymeric pipes.   Added: 01.08.06, hits: 2916, per week - 4 | Modify | Delete

One of the leading companies in the Murmansk region, offering installation of heating, water supply, sanitation and design.   Added: 26.01.11, hits: 1440, per week - 3 | Modify | Delete

AlpStroy, LLC
Specialized construction company. Execution of work using climbing techniques for the production of construction and repair work on high-rise structures, buildings and structures.   Added: 19.08.12, hits: 636, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

Production of thermal efficiency building blocks
Thermal efficiency units: "Teplosten" or "polyblock" Additionally gathered various blocks, rings and other concrete products.   Added: 18.02.11, hits: 1079, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Арктик Вуд
English description is not available.   Added: 03.06.15, hits: 276, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

Armada Trade yard Murmansk
Chemical products, paints, gases, autogenous welding equipment, filters, fire and technical equipment, dampers, working clothes, tools, electro lamps, cables, oils and lubricants, bearings and etc.   Added: 03.06.03, hits: 4361, per week - 5 | Modify | Delete

Bavaria Plus Repairs
Wholesale and retail of building materials. The sanitary technician. A laminate and plastic plinths. A ceramic tile. Paint and varnish production. Dry building mixes. Tools. An electric equipment.   Added: 12.01.07, hits: 5698, per week - 8 | Modify | Delete

Interior design, furniture and accessories
Interior design, furniture and accessories. Design projects of buildings, interiors and furnishings. Lighting design with the selection of lighting fixtures. Design and manufacture of quality furniture, interior. Visualization and processing of technical documentation for work (AutoCAD). Onsite to measure and determine the style decision. Selection, purchase and delivery of materials. Supervision during the use of projects.   Added: 22.06.11, hits: 853, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

High-quality linings. Planed boards. Specifications. Prices. Delivery under the order.   Added: 23.05.16, hits: 353, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

VentPromMontazh, Ltd.
The information on firm, the given services, the delivered equipment. Vacancies, library of the buyer.   Added: 23.01.08, hits: 2330, per week - 3 | Modify | Delete

The vents for PVC windows
Installation inlet dampers for PVC windows. Installing silent exhaust fans. Installing blinds for PVC windows.   Added: 20.09.09, hits: 1384, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Verpas, Ltd.
Fireproof systems from modern materials.   Added: 14.12.04, hits: 1746, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Vetrocom, branch in Murmansk (The other)
The in the lead company in the market of designs from glass. Tselnostekljannye designs, office partitions, glass doors, glass peaks, glass ladders, glass floors, per capita cabins.   Added: 31.12.08, hits: 1826, per week - 3 | Modify | Delete

Stained glass and glass-painting
Stained glass and glass-painting on order.   Added: 26.09.10, hits: 913, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

Stained glass workshop. IP Palatov
Stained glass workshop in Murmansk manufacture according to your size stained glass windows of stained glass by Tiffany and fusing technology in the short term. All the stained glass windows from the initial sketch to final product run on its own production base.   Added: 09.10.10, hits: 1307, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Interior decoration, repair of apartments and offices
Perform work of any complexity. High quality, reliability and durability. Reasonable timeframe excellent performance.   Added: 15.10.14, hits: 299, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

Gerald. Ltd.
Supply of the organisations by rezino-technical products, sealing materials, building materials.   Added: 15.04.09, hits: 1658, per week - 3 | Modify | Delete

GreenVent - supply, design, installation and maintenance of ventilation, air cleaning, humidification, dehumidification, air-conditioning and heating systems of different types.   Added: 09.09.12, hits: 724, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

DiamondStroy - Building and repair in Murmansk
Qualitative repair of apartments and offices on a turn-key basis, including design of interiors. On a site it is possible to see photos of the repairs executed by our company, to learn quotations on repair and civil work, to make the order.   Added: 18.10.08, hits: 2680, per week - 4 | Modify | Delete

Home Master (Murmansk region)
Installation, maintenance and repair of doors and of any access control systems.   Added: 21.12.11, hits: 1609, per week - 3 | Modify | Delete

Sale and repair of doors. Replacement of water meters. Repair of windows and doors. Construction and repair services. Renovation. Cleaning of apartments.   Added: 04.02.15, hits: 392, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

Euro-stroy - tension ceilings
Manufacture and installation of tension ceilings. The information, the performed works.   Added: 09.04.09, hits: 2207, per week - 4 | Modify | Delete

EuroTiivi, trading network
Qualitative Finnish windows. Wooden windows (Moscow and St.-Petersburg), balcony doors and other production of the company made at a factory in Murmansk.   Added: 19.05.07, hits: 2271, per week - 3 | Modify | Delete

Repair apartments and bathrooms under the key.   Added: 07.11.10, hits: 1201, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

ZAO «RIVIERA» carries out work in the field of wired communication systems at the departmental networks, and networks of public use of any hierarchy. Execute projects of varying degrees of complexity, sensitive activities, and wishes of the customer, the financial and productive resources.   Added: 05.05.09, hits: 1597, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Rope access in Murmansk region (Murmansk region)
Community industrial climbers Murmansk and the Murmansk region. Our facilities, issues of technology, materials and safety. Search and suggestions height.   Added: 03.01.11, hits: 2893, per week - 6 | Modify | Delete

Individual Interpreneur Trenin N.A. Sale of sawn timber in Murmansk, Russia new
Sale of sawn timber (pine, spruce) at warehouse in Murmansk, Russia: boards, beams, clapboard, imitation of beam, flooring.   Added: 02.10.18 | Modify | Delete

Manufacture of fences, gates, fences, wrought iron lattice
Style-M Ltd. Murmansk manufacture gates, fences, poles, fences, wrought iron lattice, modular and automatic gates to the garage. A fence made of forged and grids and meshes Ryabitsev.   Added: 20.05.11, hits: 1266, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Fabrication and installation of metal doors
Manufacture of metal doors on the individual sizes of the lattice of partitions
http://мурмандвери.рф   Added: 03.06.12, hits: 651, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

Tehnologiya, Ltd.
The information on the company, complex of the services, performed works, structure of experts.   Added: 18.08.06, hits: 2013, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Sale of the building equipment electro, petrol tools. Welding equipment, electrodes. Compressors.   Added: 02.08.07, hits: 3560, per week - 5 | Modify | Delete

Intellect Ltd.
Metal (fittings, beams, angles, plate steel, welded mesh), roofing materials (metal «Monterey», profiled galvanized and polymer coated, soft roof «Icopal»), building materials (boards, timber, cement pipes, cement, concrete, solution) wholesale and retail.   Added: 19.05.09, hits: 1721, per week - 3 | Modify | Delete

Internet and store "Line KIVS"
Internet and store "Line KIVS" sells finishing materials in Murmansk for over 10 years. During this time we have accumulated extensive experience and established excellent business relationships with suppliers and manufacturers of modern materials and decorative items. Shop "Line of kivs" – finishing materials in Murmansk at competitive prices. Regular promotions, discounts and guarantee on the product.   Added: 31.07.17, hits: 59 | Modify | Delete

Online shop "ProLustra" (The other)
Online shop "ProLustra" is selling the cheap and high-quality lamps for home, office, street lighting, domestic and imported. We work from 2012. During this time we have formed a wide range of affordable lamps economy segment and lighting luxury apartments that will suit buyers with different taste preferences and financial capabilities.   Added: 11.01.17, hits: 58 | Modify | Delete

Interior saloon "Feir"
Company specialises in the field of textile design of interiors: blinds and draperies, roll blinds, Venetian blinds, coverings and pills of famous European firms. Decoration of windows and walls.   Added: 14.04.03, hits: 2556, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Sale of thermal and LED lighting in Murmansk and elsewhere in Russia. Underfloor heating, thermostats. Heating pipes, platforms, roofs. LED products and lighting control. Heating equipment. Cables and wires. Quartz-vinyl laminate. Mounting accessories.   Added: 04.12.16, hits: 87 | Modify | Delete

KS-Decor - shop for construction and finishing materials
Sales of decorative materials from leading manufacturers. Continually updating stock. Experienced professionals. Fast delivery of goods to order.   Added: 23.03.11, hits: 1248, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Kami Murman - baking center (Murmansk region)
Here you will find everything for a pipe furnace works: from furnace to furnace fittings and refractory bricks. Also, we are pleased to present a large selection of factory furnaces, fireplaces, sauna stoves. We provide professional advice on construction of brick ovens and fireplaces, choice of factory chimneys and their components. Potters who work with our shop are licensed Emergency Situations Ministry and experience tube-furnace operations.   Added: 03.05.11, hits: 1350, per week - 3 | Modify | Delete

Design of air conditioning and ventilation networks. Installation of ventilation and air-conditioning. Service. Certification. Diamond drilling.   Added: 18.08.14, hits: 342, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

Club cottage settlement "Rublevo"
Unique residential complex located on agricultural terrain with beautiful environment. Near the village is a recreation area Kilda lake and creek Varlamov.   Added: 10.07.13, hits: 647, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Kola Trade, Ltd.
Building of country houses, production and selling of construction materials.   Added: 30.11.04, hits: 3167, per week - 4 | Modify | Delete

Kola-Liteks - systems of the security-fire alarm system, video observation, automatics
Open Company "Kola-Liteks" is engaged in sale, installation and the further service of systems: the security-fire alarm system and пожаротушения, systems of video observation, monitoring systems of access, control systems of house automatics "Clever house" from leading manufacturers.   Added: 23.01.09, hits: 3530, per week - 6 | Modify | Delete

Kolanga, Ltd.
Sale of fan heaters, electric motors, water heaters, pumps, etc.   Added: 08.10.05, hits: 2697, per week - 3 | Modify | Delete

Kola "Sevzapelectromontazh", PLC (Monchegorsk)
Electroassembly and starting-up and adjustment works. The official information about company: licensing, kinds of works, services, the contact information.   Added: 23.05.06, hits: 1756, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Компания «Колорит»
English description is not available.   Added: 28.04.15, hits: 360, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

StroyCom Company
Great choice of front and interior doors. Entrance - a steel door production of Russia and China. Doors - veneered (Belarussia), PVC, laminate, harmonica, and also fire-prevention doors and door blocks with the fourth in a complete set (Finnish). All available.   Added: 30.09.11, hits: 1168, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Konvent, group of companies
Engineering, designing, delivery, installation, launch-adjustment, service of systems of ventilation, air-conditioning, heating, internal electric networks and automatics to them.   Added: 14.03.04, hits: 2163, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Korner Company
Doors of the domestic and foreign manufacturer. Locks of any degree of privacy and an accompanying accessories. Metall-plastic designs of own manufacture. Modern energiesparend front systems.   Added: 30.06.06, hits: 2744, per week - 3 | Modify | Delete

Tools, shop (Murmansk region) [Under Construction]
Information site of shop "Tools". News, and actions. Internet-shop: a wide choice of the tool for professionals and house masters, accessories and account materials. Delivery across Murmansk and region.   Added: 19.05.05, hits: 6570, per week - 8 | Modify | Delete

Wide choice of entry and interior doors, arches, door hardware and locks (Locks products) at the lowest prices. Special Deals dealers, discounts for regular customers, promotions and sales.
http://максидорс.рф   Added: 13.12.13, hits: 509, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

Металлобаза Северная
English description is not available.   Added: 03.06.15, hits: 313, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

Metal structures
Manufacturing of garage doors, metal doors, partitions, metal fences.   Added: 15.05.18, hits: 33 | Modify | Delete

World Plumbers
Variety of domestic and foreign manufacturers of sanitary ware and plumbing products. Professional and competent consultations managers.
http://мир-сантехники   Added: 05.04.13, hits: 826, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

World Plumbing
Locksmith services for individuals and organizations with a full guarantee and transparent pricing scheme. Wholesale and retail sales of plumbing at low prices.   Added: 02.02.13, hits: 525, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

World of Light, branch in Murmansk (The other)
About firm. News. The price-list. Operating conditions.   Added: 12.01.07, hits: 2222, per week - 3 | Modify | Delete

Murman Hardware
Metal doors, partitions, lattices and others metalware. Manufacturing on the individual sizes within two days.   Added: 03.02.05, hits: 2242, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Murmansk building portal
Bulding companies catalogue, ads. Documents. Information.   Added: 19.07.04, hits: 4489, per week - 5 | Modify | Delete

Building contract activity on construction, reconstruction, to major overhaul "on a turn-key basis" industrial, social objects in Murmansk and area.   Added: 16.06.08, hits: 2294, per week - 3 | Modify | Delete

Performance design and civil and erection works. About the company. Legal services. Projects. Gallery.   Added: 31.01.07, hits: 2156, per week - 3 | Modify | Delete

Мurmansnab, LLC
Supply with building materials, sanitary engineering, linoleum, glass and the other materials.   Added: 25.01.04, hits: 3194, per week - 3 | Modify | Delete

Neo Design (Murmansk region)
Construction company "Neo Design." Repair of apartments, budgeting, cargo. Windows, doors, radiators.   Added: 15.05.13, hits: 504, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

Repair of apartments and offices in Murmansk
Repair and finishing apartments and offices in Murmansk. We also perform repairs and decoration of houses.   Added: 28.08.11, hits: 881, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Novostroy, Ltd.
Construction, supply and repair of loading, construction equipment import and domestic manufacturers in Murmansk and the Murmansk region. Wide range of spare parts handling equipment and special equipment for various purposes.   Added: 21.12.11, hits: 1182, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Nord-Trade, Ltd.
The company is the official dealer of "Villa da Vinchi", the main kind of activity which is the production of decorative finishing stone. Manufacturing segment coatings based on secondary rubber crumb. Production of polymer-concrete products (paving, facade tiles, architectural forms, etc.). Production of seamless polymer coatings for various needs from food production to private domestic premises.   Added: 27.07.09, hits: 2989, per week - 5 | Modify | Delete

Lissant-sever (The other)
Sale of change houses. Building of country houses, trading pavilions from sandwiches-panels. Designing and installation of ventilating systems. Delivery of sandwiches-panels; electric motors; the ventilating equipment; threw-tile, a professional flooring, shaped elements.   Added: 27.10.08, hits: 2623, per week - 4 | Modify | Delete

Olen Betong, ltd
Olen Betong, ltd produces and delivers ready mixed concrete of the highest quality.   Added: 01.12.09, hits: 2912, per week - 5 | Modify | Delete

Windows 4 You
Sales and installation of plastic windows. German profile VEKA (AGES) and Deceuninck (Thyssen). Quality, affordable prices, credit. Discounts when ordering windows on our site.   Added: 27.06.10, hits: 1707, per week - 3 | Modify | Delete

Professional heating systems for industrial and office premises of any area, warehouse, service center, car wash and shop. Installation, maintenance. Guarantee. Delivery.   Added: 16.09.15, hits: 234, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

Cylindered log
Description of production. Projects. Prices. Photos.   Added: 08.11.06, hits: 4235, per week - 6 | Modify | Delete

PARI GRUPP Nord, Open Company
Calculation, integration, and sale of equipment for the heating systems, water supply and canalisation.   Added: 19.06.03, hits: 2269, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Redevelopment of apartments, coordination
Development of project documentation (project) redevelopment and reconstruction of residential premises (flats) on the customer's request, subject to compliance with building codes and regulations. Execution and coordination of all documents required for a positive decision on the harmonization of reconstruction and redevelopment of premises issued by the Committee for Urban Development Administration of Murmansk.   Added: 30.09.10, hits: 963, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Repair and construction of houses and other real estate. Services and prices. Building materials. Technology. Useful articles. Contacts.   Added: 26.02.14, hits: 511, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

Commercial and industrial house "Pyramid"
Open Company "Commercial and industrial house "Pyramid" - one of the leading suppliers roofing and wall materials. The manufacturer of insulating plates from polyfoam.   Added: 26.05.08, hits: 2072, per week - 3 | Modify | Delete

Plastic windows
The best prices for PVC windows in Murmansk. Prices, catalog companies, cost calculator.
http://мурманск.окна.рф   Added: 14.05.14, hits: 598, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Decorative screeds of epoxy materials. Elite decorating materials. Construction work. Unique gifts and souvenirs from Indonesia. Funny gifts and toys.   Added: 29.01.14, hits: 449, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

PolimerSbyt (Murmansk region)
Sale and installation of water supply, heating and sewage systems. Equipment and fractional coal. Design and installation. Service maintenance.   Added: 17.06.15, hits: 199 | Modify | Delete

Sales and installation of plastic windows. Fabric and PVC ceilings. Insulation and finishing of balconies and loggias. Reliable doors. Low prices and quality installation. Guaranteed.   Added: 12.06.14, hits: 681, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Sales of furnaces in Murmansk
Ovens for bathhouse and sauna. Heating stoves, fireplaces. Mobile bath. Accessories. Steel doors.   Added: 06.07.09, hits: 2424, per week - 4 | Modify | Delete

Design Bureau "Industrial Safety"
Services in integrated design of administrative buildings, residential and industrial use of various levels of difficulty and responsibility. The company successfully works in the market of design and construction organizations of the city of Murmansk, Murmansk Region and the North-West of Russia since 2012.   Added: 07.01.15, hits: 365, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

RealStal, LLС
Cobstvestvennoe production of metal and metal profiles. Metal from the manufacturer and wholesale. Roof and facade work. Measurement and consultation. Short production time.   Added: 16.08.12, hits: 615, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

Rekoma, Trade Company
Sale of building materials, the household goods and equipment for a house. A network of shops "Rekoma".   Added: 27.12.04, hits: 6773, per week - 8 | Modify | Delete

Repair of apartments in Murmansk
Budgeting and assistance in procuring materials. Kinds of repairs: cosmetic overhaul, renovation. Manufacturing arches, niches, decorative items, drywall, plastic and suspended ceilings. Laying laminate flooring, linoleum flooring, carpeting, particleboard, fiberboard, OSB, manufacturer of wooden floors and underfloor electric heating.   Added: 29.01.11, hits: 1252, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Repair of apartments
Any kind of decoration. Offices, apartments, bathrooms, balconies and loggias. Re-planning and design. Manufacturing of furniture to order.   Added: 06.05.16, hits: 207, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

Реставрация ванн жидким акрилом
English description is not available.   Added: 13.05.15, hits: 250, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

Repair and decoration of residential and commercial premises. All types of work. We work from the ground up and turn-key perform a complete cycle of works.   Added: 25.09.12, hits: 766, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

A wide range of energy-saving lamps and LED. Recessed ceiling light for compact fluorescent and LED bulbs.   Added: 16.06.13, hits: 654, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

North House, LLC
Construction of log houses and baths. Making foundations and the installation of the roof. Interior design and decorative finishing of wooden buildings.   Added: 14.06.10, hits: 2033, per week - 4 | Modify | Delete

Services for the installation of windows, blinds, ceiling, entrance and interior doors, kitchen manufacturing, laminates and wardrobes in Murmansk at a nice price.   Added: 31.07.16, hits: 242, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

Modern Warm House
Installation of plastic windows, loggias and balconies. Thermal insulation and finish. Stretch ceilings, heated floors, doors. Repair of the premises.   Added: 10.07.15, hits: 232, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

Soyuz 51
Materials for the repair and construction   Added: 02.09.15, hits: 177 | Modify | Delete

Art-tech LLC construction company new
The Art-tech company carries out a full range of construction and installation works, and also design and installation of engineering networks (ventilation, heating, power supply, water supply, automatic equipment, ACS, video surveillance). Selection and supply of equipment, warranty and post-warranty service.   Added: 10.06.19 | Modify | Delete

Building portal of the Murmansk region
Building portal of the Murmansk region: : construction news Murmansk and the region, interactive map of objects under construction, the directory of the building organizations of Murmansk of vacancies in the sphere of construction.   Added: 15.08.11, hits: 2073, per week - 4 | Modify | Delete

Materials for a successful repair and construction. Delivery of the city and the region.   Added: 09.09.15, hits: 340, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

The thermal, climatic and ecological equipment in Murmansk.
News. About the company. The catalogue of the goods. Price-lists. Clauses. The documentation.   Added: 12.04.08, hits: 2419, per week - 4 | Modify | Delete

Техносервис плюс - системы контроля доступа, домофоны
English description is not available.   Added: 20.08.08, hits: 2254, per week - 3 | Modify | Delete

Trade centre "Neron"
Products for sanitary works from the storage in Murmansk.   Added: 17.10.02, hits: 2144, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Manufacture of metal structures for various purposes. Entrance metal doors of the elite class "Safe" to order. Finishing metal from a simple ground to powder coated. Metal Art.
http://www.металлоконструкции   Added: 14.09.12, hits: 542, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

Management of the state examination of the Murmansk region
State regional autonomous institution "Managing state examination of the Murmansk region." Non-governmental examination of project documentation. Government services.   Added: 05.09.13, hits: 434, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

VBH-Murmansk (The other)
Vereinigter Baubeschlag-Handel AG - the company largest in the Europe, engaged wholesales of a building accessories and other building materials used for manufacture of window-door systems.   Added: 12.01.07, hits: 1822, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Household goods wholesale. Household chemical goods. Inventory for washing windows and floors. In stock and on order.   Added: 09.10.16, hits: 139 | Modify | Delete

Hottej, LLC
Materials for installation of PVC windows. Sills, sandwich panels, Drains, mounting foam, sealants, mosquito nets, hardware and accessories for windows.   Added: 22.03.14, hits: 341, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

HomeSnab (Murmansk region)
HomeSnab company sells professional systems of heating and lighting. Underfloor heating leading famous brands, LED lamps and tape for lighting, lamps, radiators, water heating.   Added: 06.05.15, hits: 272, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

Providing quality, independent and environmentally sound energy villas, town houses, cottages, farms, factories, roads and remote users.   Added: 24.11.12, hits: 545, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

Электромонтажные работы
English description is not available.   Added: 05.05.15, hits: 207 | Modify | Delete

Electric, Ltd.
Scaffolding of electrical and automation equipment. Supply of electrical equipment and components. Electrical work.   Added: 03.05.10, hits: 1295, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Company "Electrosphere" - the supplier of the electrogoods, fixtures, lamps, electroadjusting products, heaters, systems of ventilation in Murmansk.   Added: 30.05.04, hits: 2713, per week - 3 | Modify | Delete

North Energy Projects
Design of electric power. Design and survey, construction and installation work.   Added: 05.08.15, hits: 215, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

Energostroymontazh - the electrotechnical company
Electroinstallation works and works on installation of load-lifting mechanisms and lifts on objects of civil and defensive construction.   Added: 05.05.08, hits: 1833, per week - 3 | Modify | Delete

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