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Internet » Web-design
Website development (Murmansk)
Website development, design, content management, hosting and promotion.
Goods and Services » Food stuff
Group of companies "Atlant" (Murmansk)
The Atlant Group group of companies - the supplier of fish and seafood wholesale. More than 500 clients all over Russia, low prices, purchase from the manufacturer, high level of logistics and flexible payment terms.
Goods and Services » Building and repair
Goods and Services » Equipment
Goods and Services » Security systems
Art-tech LLC construction company (Murmansk)
The Art-tech company carries out a full range of construction and installation works, and also design and installation of engineering networks (ventilation, heating, power supply, water supply, automatic equipment, ACS, video surveillance). Selection and supply of equipment, warranty and post-warranty service.
Goods and Services » Household services
Sofia (Murmansk)
Production of household and professional chemicals in Murmansk
Culture and Art » Dance
MTI Dance School (Murmansk)
MTI Dance School is the largest and most modern dance school in the region. Large selection of dance styles for adults and children! We will teach you to dance!
Health and Sport » Sport » Bike
Velopiter – Murmansk (Murmansk)
Online bike shop in Murmansk provides a wide range of bikes of all kinds, ranging from mountain bikes, ending childhood. On all bicycles we provide a guarantee and carry out pre-sale maintenance. Any bike from our online store we can deliver to your door.
Goods and Services » Beauty shops
Internet » Portals, catalogues
Catalog of cosmetics, perfumes and household goods (Murmansk region)
More than 30 000 items of products of leading brands. New cosmetics, perfumes, accessories, means for skin and hair care, home and garden and much more. Reasonable prices, wide, regularly updated assortment.
Culture and Art » Painting
Education and Science » Projects
Tourism and Rest » Holidays
Tourism and Rest » Leisure and hobby
iArt Murmansk (Murmansk)
"iArt" is an art party where participants paint pictures without any skill of drawing to the music in Disco or Funk style, with the help of an artist who clearly shows how to draw a picture, and the host helps to have fun in the evening. Painted picture at the end of the evening you can take with you.
Goods and Services » Beauty shops Manicure and pedicure from a professional in Murmansk. (Murmansk)
Well-groomed hands and flawless pedicure are the calling card of a modern person. Hands are always in sight, attracting views and are able to tell a lot about you. Nails just have to look perfect! Resistant coatings do not flake or peel off, preserve the beauty of nails, and also instantly dry. Always up with fashion! We have a warm, cozy and quiet. Exceptional disinfection, disposable instruments. Jokes, laughter, girlish secrets, coffee, Wi-Fi, snacks.
Business and Finances
Passports of anti-terrorist protection (Murmansk region)
Development and approval of passports of anti-terrorist protection in Murmansk and the region.
Goods and Services » Building and repair » Furniture
Furniture shop "Forma" (Murmansk)
Our furniture shop "Forma" is a partner and dealer of more than 100 Italian furniture and light manufacturers. This furniture factory with many years experience, among which are family businesses with almost a century of history, whose products are carefully tested for quality. The range of our partners is constantly expanding, in the salon You can order and buy furniture from almost any Italian manufacturer, provided that these products meet the highest requirements.
Business and Finances » Estate property
Transport and Communications » Autos
Rent a car and real estate in the Murmansk region (Monchegorsk)
Rent a car and special equipment in the Murmansk region, rent of commercial real estate and apartments in Monchegorsk, Murmansk region
Goods and Services » Beauty shops
Goods and Services » Internet shops
Faberlic Murmansk (Murmansk)
Order Faberlic products: care cosmetics, decorative cosmetics, clothing for the whole family, household chemicals, household goods.
Society and Personality » Charity
Society and Personality » Humane societies
Murmansk Regional Public Charity Fund "Blago Dat" (Murmansk)
Murmansk Regional Public Charity Fund "Blago Dat" was created to help pensioners and disabled people, regardless of their age. The main goal of our Fund is to help people with disabilities, pensioners, disabled people, to find an opportunity for self — realization, to have the opportunity to realize their dreams on equal rights with everyone, to work, improve and develop our native polar region, our society. We sincerely strive to surround them with care and warmth, to give them hope and a sense of confidence in the future.
Goods and Services » Building and repair
Individual Interpreneur Trenin N.A. Sale of sawn timber in Murmansk, Russia (Murmansk)
Sale of sawn timber (pine, spruce) at warehouse in Murmansk, Russia: boards, beams, clapboard, imitation of beam, flooring.
Business and Finances » Marketing and advertisement
Business and Finances » Business support
Internet » Web-design
Creation of sites and mobile applications in Murmansk (Murmansk)
Professional creation of web-sites and mobile applications. Promotion and technical support.
Goods and Services » Building and repair » Furniture
Goods and Services » Internet shops
Mebelbaum - online shop (Murmansk)
Furniture online shop
Goods and Services » Food stuff
Tourism and Rest » Bars and restaurants
ALKO.RU Liquor store."Pyatnitsa" Pub. (Murmansk)
14 liquor stores in Murmansk and Murmask region. A wide range of branded alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from around the world, affordable prices, regular promotions and special offers. In "Pyatnitsa" Pub more than 100 varieties of draft beer of famous Russian and foreign breweries (including craft beer); a huge selection of strong alcohol, hot dogs and burgers Sibylla, hot dishes. Sports broadcasts, modern design and attentive staff.
Business and Finances » Law
Юридическая помощь (Murmansk)
English description is not available
Goods and Services » Building and repair » Furniture
Goods and Services » Internet shops
Матрас.ру (Murmansk)
English description is not available
Industry » Package and packing
Производство и монтаж тентов (Murmansk region)
English description is not available
Internet » Web-design
Portal Nord (Murmansk)
Web design studio.
Tourism and Rest » Fishing tours
Tourism and Rest » Guide tours
Tourism and Rest » Travelling
Go husky (Monchegorsk)
In the park area, in the heart of Monchegorsk, a territory is created for an active and relaxing holiday with the family in nature, meeting with friends and communicating with the dogs of the Husky breed.
Business and Finances » Business support
Business Support Center of the Murmansk region (Murmansk)
Marketing and financial support of activities, tender services, business training programs, educational events. Documentation. How to get support. Partners. Contacts.
Health and Sport » Medicine
An appointment with a doctor (Murmansk)
The official portal for an appointment with a doctor in the Murmansk region. Schedule of doctors. Questions and answers. News.
Murmansk Region » Information
Memory of Murman (Murmansk)
Monuments and attractions of the Murmansk region.
Industry » Food
Kola Region (Murmansk)
Harvesting of northern wild-growing and garden berries. Frozen, blueberries, cranberries, cranberries, crowberry, black and red currants, sea buckthorn, raspberries, cherries. Products, shop, buying berries.
Mass Media » Agencies of news
Sud51 (Murmansk)
News of courts of Murmansk area. Arbitration, events, criminal cases, other cases.

Public control (Murmansk)
Observation of the observance by the authorities of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens. Duty part, news control, reconstruction of corruption. Public monitoring.

Goods and Services » Household services
ORKO-invest (Murmansk)
Removal of solid domestic waste from the public and organizations. Leasing of containers for collection of solid household waste. Burial of production and consumption wastes at an authorized landfill.

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