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Goods and Services » Food stuff
Tourism and Rest » Bars and restaurants
ALKO.RU Liquor store."Pyatnitsa" Pub. (Murmansk)
14 liquor stores in Murmansk and Murmask region. A wide range of branded alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from around the world, affordable prices, regular promotions and special offers. In "Pyatnitsa" Pub more than 100 varieties of draft beer of famous Russian and foreign breweries (including craft beer); a huge selection of strong alcohol, hot dogs and burgers Sibylla, hot dishes. Sports broadcasts, modern design and attentive staff.
Business and Finances » Law
Юридическая помощь (Murmansk)
English description is not available
Goods and Services » Building and repair » Furniture
Goods and Services » Internet shops
Матрас.ру (Murmansk)
English description is not available
Industry » Package and packing
Производство и монтаж тентов (Murmansk region)
English description is not available
Internet » Web-design
Portal Nord (Murmansk)
Web design studio.
Tourism and Rest » Fishing tours
Tourism and Rest » Guide tours
Tourism and Rest » Travelling
Go husky (Monchegorsk)
In the park area, in the heart of Monchegorsk, a territory is created for an active and relaxing holiday with the family in nature, meeting with friends and communicating with the dogs of the Husky breed.
Business and Finances » Business support
Business Support Center of the Murmansk region (Murmansk)
Marketing and financial support of activities, tender services, business training programs, educational events. Documentation. How to get support. Partners. Contacts.
Health and Sport » Medicine
An appointment with a doctor (Murmansk)
The official portal for an appointment with a doctor in the Murmansk region. Schedule of doctors. Questions and answers. News.
Culture and Art » Cinema
Stage 51 (Murmansk)
The database of films filmed in Murmansk and Murmansk region. Catalog of directors, actors and other filmmakers of Murmansk.
Murmansk Region » Addresses and telephones
Map of Murmansk: streets, houses and organizations of the city (Murmansk)
Detailed map of Murmansk with details to the house. Search by address. Phones, reviews, photos, business hours. Convenient search for travel on cars and public transport.
Murmansk Region » Information
Memory of Murman (Murmansk)
Monuments and attractions of the Murmansk region.
Industry » Food
Kola Region (Murmansk)
Harvesting of northern wild-growing and garden berries. Frozen, blueberries, cranberries, cranberries, crowberry, black and red currants, sea buckthorn, raspberries, cherries. Products, shop, buying berries.
Mass Media » Agencies of news
Anti-corruption portal in Murmansk (Murmansk)
Branch of the organization "National Coordinating Committee for Counteracting Corruption" in Murmansk. Investigation, video, news, analyst's view.

Sud51 (Murmansk)
News of courts of Murmansk area. Arbitration, events, criminal cases, other cases.

Public control (Murmansk)
Observation of the observance by the authorities of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens. Duty part, news control, reconstruction of corruption. Public monitoring.

Goods and Services » Household services
ORKO-invest (Murmansk)
Removal of solid domestic waste from the public and organizations. Leasing of containers for collection of solid household waste. Burial of production and consumption wastes at an authorized landfill.
Goods and Services » Clothes and shoes
Sever (Murmansk)
A new Russian brand of clothing and accessories inspired by the ideas of street style and the traditions of the Russian North.
Transport and Communications » Transport communications
Murmansk transport branch of Norilsk Nickel (Murmansk)
Murmansk transport branch. Container Shipping. Transportation of goods. Freight forwarding.
Tourism and Rest » Guide tours
North For You (Murmansk)
Travel Agency in Mumansk. Tours and excursions in Murmansk, Kola Peninsula, Russian Lapland. You have the opportunity to see the northern lights, get acquainted with Saami people, visit the coast of the Arctic Ocean, feel the magic of the Khibiny mountains.
Transport and Communications » Autos
Noise Isolation Auto (Murmansk)
Professional noise insulation of cars.
Goods and Services » Building and repair
Metal structures (Murmansk)
Manufacturing of garage doors, metal doors, partitions, metal fences.
Tourism and Rest » Fishing tours
Fishing on the Tersky coast (Murmansk)
Organization of fishing tours on the Tersky coast of the Kola Peninsula. Fishing salmon, salmon, trout, humpback salmon, grayling. Fishing on the White Sea coast
Goods and Services » Household services
MasterOk (Murmansk)
Household services. Plumbing works, electrical work, carpenter's call, furniture assembly, turnkey repair of apartments, repair of household and computer equipment, plumbing, electrical installation works, cleaning services.
Business and Finances » Marketing and advertisement
Advertisement on transport (Murmansk)
Advertising in Murmansk and the Murmansk region on transport: trolleybuses, buses and taxis.
Health and Sport » Medicine
Society and Personality » Advertisement board
Medical forum (Murmansk)
Discussion of medicine in the city of Murmansk and the region. The forum regularly publishes thematic articles and news.
Goods and Services » Food stuff
MacBurger (Murmansk)
Every day in the online store MacBurger in Murmansk, more than a thousand visitors. And no wonder: after all, our store is known for its taste of specialties and excellent value for money.
Goods and Services » Building and repair » Furniture
Mebelaria (Murmansk)
Kitchens, wardrobes, dressing rooms, nurseries, bedrooms, office furniture, commercial equipment, kitchen appliances, sinks and mixers, dining groups, mattresses.
Computers » Service and repair
Computer help (Murmansk)
Repair and maintenance of computers, buying laptops, monoblocks, netbooks, personal computers, buying up, redemption.

Computer help (Murmansk region)
Buying a used computer equipment from companies and private individuals in Murmansk and area. Purchase, maintenance, buying, selling, upgrading personal computers, computer support and repair.

Goods and Services » Internet shops
PodarokNaiden (Murmansk)
Original gifts, flowers in glass, chocolate fountains, dance floor mats, unusual flash drives, toys, home mini-breweries, slimming machines, teleshopping products, starry sky projectors, chess, backgammon, board games, New Year's gifts and much more.

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