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JSC "lenergo"
Kola energetic system.   Added: 15.09.00, hits: 5332, per week - 5 | Modify | Delete

Energy Efficiency Agency of the Murmansk region
Energy saving programs. Legislation, projects, training materials, and technology. Education. News. Partners.   Added: 31.01.13, hits: 1158, per week - 3 | Modify | Delete

Murmansk Regional Demo and Training Center for Energy Efficiency
Promoting energy efficiency and energy saving in the Murmansk Region through demonstration of energy efficient technologies and training.   Added: 05.04.13, hits: 646, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

KRES-Alliance, LLC
A company providing energy industry consulting services to and strategic management of power suppliers in the Murmansk region OJSC Kolenergosbyt and KRES Llc.   Added: 10.04.13, hits: 659, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

ola nuclear power plant (Polyarnije Zory)
Safety. Technology. Technical description. News. Forum. Leadership of KNPP. Polyarnye Zory is the town companion of Kola NPP.   Added: 15.09.00, hits: 2897, per week - 3 | Modify | Delete

Minimax - Electrical
Cables and wires in a wide range, including high-armored cables; Electrical equipment, including transformer substations PAF, cameras CSR, ASE lighting made in Russia and Eurasia (OSRAM, PHILIPS); electrical equipment manufacturers ABB, Legrand, Mennekes, IAC, the supply of electrical equipment under the order.   Added: 29.11.09, hits: 2387, per week - 5 | Modify | Delete

Monchegorsk Electric Networks, JSC (Monchegorsk)
Network organization, which is the subject of the retail electricity market in the municipality Monchegorsk with subordinate area. Activities of "MES" is the provision of services for the transmission of electric energy and the execution of grid connection to the electricity network.   Added: 26.04.13, hits: 617, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Murmansk CHPP
The main purpose of the company is the development and supply of heat, keeping the equipment in working condition by making repairs.   Added: 21.12.12, hits: 1711, per week - 5 | Modify | Delete

Murmansk city electricity supply network
The information about the enterprise. News. Tariffs. The information for subscribers.   Added: 14.03.05, hits: 2957, per week - 4 | Modify | Delete

Murmansk center of scientific and technical information
Reference and information, patent and licence service. Printing and design service. Blank production. Book sale.   Added: 26.09.00, hits: 2067, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

One of the largest coal power plants in Murmansk. The scope of the company includes the production, distribution and sale of heat. Murmanenergosbyta services used daily by residents of Leninsky district of Murmansk, and over 70 percent of the area, including businesses and organizations.   Added: 21.12.12, hits: 1529, per week - 5 | Modify | Delete

Heating equipment and fuel
Production and installation of pellet boilers and modular boiler biofuel (pellets) for home and industrial use.   Added: 10.10.16, hits: 126, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

Assistance in organizing power
Information on the procedures for contract supply, technological connection, electrical admittance. Organizations of Murmansk and the Murmansk region. Advice on electricity.   Added: 28.09.09, hits: 1094, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Industrial company ""
Wide complex of services in area elektro-, warmly- and water supply. We are ready to offer you services in designing, installation and adjustment of systems of BALES and automatics, installation of the automated thermal points, regulators of temperature, pressure, devices of the account of thermal energy, the expense of liquids and gases.   Added: 06.07.09, hits: 1807, per week - 3 | Modify | Delete

EKOS [Under Construction]
Official site of "TEKOS". News line, history of the enterprise, official site of FT Tekos - Dinamo.   Added: 10.10.03, hits: 4081, per week - 5 | Modify | Delete

The thermal, climatic and ecological equipment in Murmansk.
News. About the company. The catalogue of the goods. Price-lists. Clauses. The documentation.   Added: 12.04.08, hits: 2402, per week - 4 | Modify | Delete

District heating and energy efficiency
Group of companies "DIAL" in this resource presents innovative solutions for the Murmansk region, associated with increased energy efficiency and reduced energy costs through the application of advanced technologies. In particular, you can learn how a heat pump.   Added: 26.02.10, hits: 1197, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Electric, Ltd.
Scaffolding of electrical and automation equipment. Supply of electrical equipment and components. Electrical work.   Added: 03.05.10, hits: 1274, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Murmansk electrotechnical forum (Murmansk region)
Electro 51. Murmansk electrotechnical forum for experts and not only.   Added: 04.02.08, hits: 3256, per week - 5 | Modify | Delete

Energy-saving Technologies, LLC
Effective solutions for energy saving. Production to order, delivery, presence in a warehouse in Murmansk, installation, service, designing in Dialux program and advising on all matters related to led lighting.   Added: 23.08.11, hits: 1015, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

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