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Murman Game
Murmansk games modifications. It is already possible to download MurmanMod, replacing in game NHL09 Swiss HC "Davos" (in group other commands) on Murmansk HC "Murman".   Added: 06.04.09, hits: 3292, per week - 6 | Modify | Delete

Kiting, snowboarding, skiing in Murmansk
Snowkiting, snowboarding, kiteboarding and related resource in Murmansk.   Added: 30.11.10, hits: 2229, per week - 4 | Modify | Delete

Fitness New Technologies Club
Shop Online sports nutrition in Murmansk. The sports world's leading food manufacturers, apparel for sport and active recreation, accessories for fitness and bodybuilding. Consultations; selection of sports nutrition, training, fitness instructors, fitness consulting.   Added: 26.07.09, hits: 3356, per week - 6 | Modify | Delete

Club of karate "Harmony"
Murmansk city public organization Federation of karate. Club of karate "Harmony" in Murmansk. Training of karate. Participation in competitions city, regional, long-distance and international and international. Teachers - the best masters of northwest.   Added: 20.04.08, hits: 3375, per week - 5 | Modify | Delete

Kolasportland, a mountain-skiing complex
The scheme of mountain and city, the characteristic of a complex (slopes, lifts, hire, hotels). Photo galleries.   Added: 27.02.04, hits: 3373, per week - 4 | Modify | Delete

Murmansk mile - festival of sports
Sailing regatta. Mini-football on sand. Beach volleyball. Competitions among invalids. A group heat. Track and field athletics run. Competitions on cycling.   Added: 20.06.08, hits: 2633, per week - 4 | Modify | Delete Paintball in Murmansk region (Murmansk region)
Forums in the Murmansk region paintball. News, contacts, photos, and more.   Added: 14.07.09, hits: 5674, per week - 10 | Modify | Delete

Pulka - shooting gallery
The contact information. Assortment of the weapon. Various kinds of an ammunition, targets, sights, etc.   Added: 15.03.07, hits: 2692, per week - 4 | Modify | Delete

Site of skaters of town Polyarnye Zori (Polyarnije Zory) [Archive]
Information about skate sport in the Murmansk region. News, calendar of competitions, results, sport men.   Added: 04.01.02, hits: 2452, per week - 2 | Modify | Delete

Salma - mountain-skiing complex (Polyarnije Zory)
The highest top of the hills located about a city Polarnye Zori in Murmansk area, already many years is a place of pilgrimage of fans of northern exotic and extreme sports. On a mountain slope the mountain-skiing complex "Salma" - a popular place of family rest, trainings and competitions of sportsmen of Russia is located.   Added: 20.03.09, hits: 3108, per week - 5 | Modify | Delete Northern Sport Blog
On this site you will find lots of useful information on pumping muscle, parkour training, useful literature on martial arts, video, as well as many other things that might interest you.   Added: 19.01.10, hits: 5072, per week - 10 | Modify | Delete

Snowboard Festival YETI FEST
YETI FEST festival dedicated to action sports, entertainment and creative projects that can be implemented on the ground in the open.   Added: 13.02.13, hits: 1036, per week - 3 | Modify | Delete

Sport and rest, shop
Goods for productive leisure and sports: simulators, bicycles, boats and motors to them, the billiard tables, the accompanying goods for tourism.   Added: 02.11.05, hits: 6366, per week - 8 | Modify | Delete Sports Murmansk
Sporting News Murmansk region. The results of past and future situation of the competition. Articles about the athletes, physiology, sports nutrition, all sports. Photo and video galleries.   Added: 09.01.14, hits: 6628, per week - 22 | Modify | Delete

Stadium "Builder "
"Stroitel" is one of the largest stadiums in the Arctic Circle, on its base is available a modern sports complex. Visitors can choose classes on the soul: the Fitness center "Olympia ", the Tennis centre, ice skating rink, open for mass skating. Also at the stadium games are held supreme league ice hockey with the ball. For comfortable pastime of the visitors inside the sports complex there is a cafe-bar "Fan", works a massage room and a sauna with a swimming pool.   Added: 20.01.12, hits: 1741, per week - 4 | Modify | Delete

Tiger Sports - Internet-store of the sport goods
"Tiger Sports" - Internet-shop of the sports goods. Bicycles, exercise equipment, the equipment in stock and on order.
http://www.тайгерспорт.рф   Added: 24.04.12, hits: 3435, per week - 8 | Modify | Delete

Tourist information portal of the Kola Peninsula (Apatity)
Information about the Kola Peninsula and the Murmansk region. Khibiny, nature description, ski, maps, forecast, schedules, handbooks, photos, fishing, TV - programs. Tourist resources of the Kola Peninsula. Stories about trips on the Kola Peninsula. English version. Transport support of the tourists from station Apatity, granting of the guide, organization of campaigns on the Kola peninsula, driving on a snowmobile on mountains, support by the guide.   Added: 07.05.02, hits: 8331, per week - 9 | Modify | Delete

Sports training center, PIMU
Ice Palace: the scheme of the room, public skating and exhibitions. Swimming pool: fitness, gym, aerobics, free swimming. Valley of comfort: rental store. Events. Services.   Added: 29.09.13, hits: 1266, per week - 4 | Modify | Delete

Ushu Sanda
Murmansk city public organisation. Sport society cultivating the most powerful and entertainment style of fighting art - Ushu Sanda. Ushu-Sanda (Sanshow) - free fight. Sportsmen show technical actions in a duel in private without the weapon, in protective equipment (a helmet, gloves, a breast waistcoat, overlays on a shin, a shell) that allows to avoid an excessive traumatism at carrying out of duels in full contact.   Added: 09.04.09, hits: 3856, per week - 7 | Modify | Delete

Kyokushin Federation Murmansk region
Murmansk Karate Federation. News & Events. Instructors, students, clubs. Kyokushin Legends.   Added: 17.02.16, hits: 349, per week - 1 | Modify | Delete

The best Body of Murmansk.
The best body of the North. Beauty competition. Sport and sanitary centres. Saunas. Photo gallery. Competitions, show, sport events.   Added: 25.06.03, hits: 5904, per week - 6 | Modify | Delete

Rhythmic Gymnastics. Murmansk. Region 51 (Murmansk region)
Artistic gymnastics in the Murmansk region. Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation Murmansk region. Governor's Cup. Baby CUP. Photo Gallery. Video. Forum. Expert Advice. Nazarenkova Elizabeth - the best young female athlete of the Murmansk region.   Added: 14.09.10, hits: 2597, per week - 5 | Modify | Delete

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