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04.03 Finland has pretensions to the part of Russian territory in Karelian Republic and Murmansk Region

03.03 Group on power engineering reforming of the Murmansk region started functioning

03.03 In the near future tourist bus connections between Murmansk and Kirkenes can face serious problems

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Tuesday, 1 March

Students will render the workers of municipal service assistance, clearing streets and yards from the snow
Yesterday was the first day when student brigades worked in Murmansk on Lenin Avenue, clearing it from snow. The brigades are to work for 5 days. 160 people participated in this event. This initiative came from municipal student controller brigade "North – Transit". The students will render assistance to the workers of municipal service. By the way, last weekend strong snowfalls caused some troubles. Snow-clearing machines worked day-and-night. For instance, on Saturday 21 machines worked in Oktyabrsky district, 14 more machines cleared the yards. This fight with the nature continued till Sunday. But fortunately, no serious problems occurred.

Team from Murmansk "Murman – extreme" is out of the further struggle for the main prize "Expedition – Trophy"
The second stage of the winter adventurous race "Expedition – Trophy", that had started in Murmansk of the 23rd of February, became fatal for Murmansk team "Murman – Extreme". Our auto-extreme lovers were the lasts to come to Moscow and left from the race. We shall remind that the team that will come to finish in Vladivostok first on the 8th of March will get 12 kilos of gold. At the moment all our hopes are connected with the second team from Murmansk – "Arctic – trophy". It continues to struggle in the off- road race and managed to reach Vladivostok by Sunday.

The kick – boxing team from Murmansk took the second prize in North – Western championship
North – Western kick-boxing championship, devoted to 60-year anniversary of the Second World War, was held in Pskov. About 200 best sportsmen not only from North – Western region, but also from Moscow, participated there. Murmansk team also took part in the championship. It took the second prize. The best kick-boxer from the Polar region was declared Eugene Artischev, pupil of the 8th form. He gained 3 gold medals. Eugene Archipov brought home 1 gold medal. The only one girl in the team Gulnara Ibragimova also got gold medal. At the moment the champions are getting ready for the Russian championship, that is to take place in Moscow.

Preparatory works on raising of motor – vessel "Stepan Rasin", that had an accident in the Kola Bay, are on
Preparatory works on raising of motor – vessel "Stepan Rasin", that had an accident in the Kola Bay, are on. But diving station had to be evacuated on the 27th of February The present diving group worked on board the ship since 22nd of February. Restoration works were to be finished by the end of this week, but the weather interfered. Northern wind raised the waves and the water started swamping and swinging the ship. The further presence of people on board the ship became dangerous. The pilots of "Murmansk Aviation Company" carried out evacuation. At 1 p.m. helicopter flew in the direction of the place of emergency situation. The operation of people raising took about10 minutes, and already in an hour and half divers were in the Murmansk airport. The pilot group commander of "Murmansk Aviation Company" Eugene Chernyak says: "We could have refused to fly under such weather conditions. But everything turned out well. The group is evacuated." It is notable, that "Murmansk Aviation Company" carried out the operation on evacuation of "Stepan Rasin’s" crew in October 2004. The saving operation was also held under terrible weather conditions.

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