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04.03 Finland has pretensions to the part of Russian territory in Karelian Republic and Murmansk Region

03.03 Group on power engineering reforming of the Murmansk region started functioning

03.03 In the near future tourist bus connections between Murmansk and Kirkenes can face serious problems

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Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

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Wednesday, 2 March

In the central children’s library in Murmansk finished traditional municipal contest of children handwritten book
Traditional municipal contest of children handwritten book finished in the central children’s library in Murmansk. According to the conditions of the competition, its participants were to present illustrated works about war, history, culture and nature of the region, about life of ingenious peoples of the North, and friendship between Russia and Norway. The jury selected 27 best works. For instance in the part of contest, called "How wonderful it is to live without war" the first place got the pupil of gymnasium 8 Valery Pugachenko. The participants of the contest were given diplomas and prizes. The best works will be resented on the 5th International contest of children handwritten book that is to take place in Murmansk Regional Children’s Library. The contest will be summed up by 23rd of April.

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