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   Murmansk news
04.03 Finland has pretensions to the part of Russian territory in Karelian Republic and Murmansk Region

03.03 Group on power engineering reforming of the Murmansk region started functioning

03.03 In the near future tourist bus connections between Murmansk and Kirkenes can face serious problems

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Ron's Gone Wrong

No Time to Die

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February, 2005 г.

25.02 12:07Municipal authorities had to remove ahead of schedule ice sculptures of "Northern fantasy" festival on Vorovskogo Street
25.02 11:58Illegal turnover of drug trade remains to be serious problem in the Murmansk region
25.02 11:55Consul – general of Great Britain in Saint – Petersburg Mr. George Edgar visited Murmansk
25.02 11:31The participants of polar historic – memorial expedition to Bennett island visited Murmansk association of the Arctic researches
24.02 19:40The Regional government adopted the strategy of science development, development of scientific and technical and innovation activities for the period till 2015
24.02 12:28For the last several years the regional contest for young families "Visiting Hymen" has been held
24.02 12:12Norwegian delegation from oil and gas company "Statoil" visited ship-repair factory "Nerpa"
22.02 10:03Professor Anatoly Vlasov from Murmansk State Technical University ship electric equipment department was proclaimed the best inventor and rationalist of Murmansk in 2004
21.02 11:21The vocal ensemble of the Murmansk musical school №1 became the winner of the international of children’s and youth choirs festival "Friends of Bulgaria."
21.02 11:13The only one in the region mountain – skiing school is on the brink of closing
18.02 11:58The first in the region billiards school is being built in Murmansk
18.02 10:59Norwegian ecological center "Svanhovd" published colorful guidebook of the reserves in the Barents region
17.02 11:48The events within the framework of the project "Living conditions for disabled people" are organized beyond the Polar Circle
17.02 11:35The motor column – consisted of the participants of the winter car – racing "Expedition-trophy" – started its journey from Moscow to Murmansk
16.02 12:01In Apatiti was held the seminar "Organization of the creative work, as the means of rehabilitation of adopted children, bringing up in shelters
16.02 11:51Only several companies will catch crabs in the Barents Sea
16.02 11:49The equipment for Norwegian gas and oilrigs will be produced in Murmansk
15.02 15:02In Norway took place the forum – "Oil and gas in the Barents Sea – basis for the development of Eastern Finnmark."
15.02 12:44Sailing ship "Sedov" celebrated its 84th birthday
15.02 12:42In the course of Governor’s trip to Moscow, Yuri Evdokimov managed to solve serious problems in the sphere of education
15.02 10:09In the town Newry (Northern Ireland) opened the exhibition of paintings of the schoolchildren from art school in Kirovsk
14.02 11:51Murmansk sea fishing port is intended to go on the regional market selling light oil products
14.02 11:44Kola Nuclear Power Plant is going to modernize the equipment of ultrasonic control of the reactor frame
14.02 11:40The citizen of Murmansk Serge Rozkov won the golden medal on the seventh World Cup on biathlon in Italy
11.02 13:19Murmansk Philharmonic Orchestra works with the new conductor
11.02 13:16The festival "Barents – show" is held in Kirkenes for the third time
11.02 10:29Last year amateur and sport catching of salmon took place on 74 rivers of the Kola Peninsula
10.02 12:39Hunger strike of the builders from Lovozero continues for four days
10.02 12:37Businessmen from Finland and Sweden discussed the holding of Barents partneriat and presented their pilot project of northern cooperation
10.02 12:33The presentation of the company Chesterton took place on the Kola Nuclear Power Plant

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