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04.03 Finland has pretensions to the part of Russian territory in Karelian Republic and Murmansk Region

03.03 Group on power engineering reforming of the Murmansk region started functioning

03.03 In the near future tourist bus connections between Murmansk and Kirkenes can face serious problems

  Cinema in Murmansk
Alita: Battle Angel


Gromkaya svyazi

Gekijouban Natsume Yuujinchou: Utsusemi ni Musubu

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

Mulit v kino. Vypusk 91

Kak ya stal russkim

Cold Pursuit

At Eternity's Gate

Ben Is Back

Escape Room



The Favourite

White Boy Rick

Spasti Leningrad

Babushka legkogo povedeniya 2. Prestarelye Mstiteli

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Friday, 4 March

Finland has pretensions to the part of Russian territory in Karelian Republic and Murmansk Region
In Helsinki the book, called "Returning of Karelia" has been published. Its authors have counted up, that having returned part of the territories in Karelia, Pechenga and Salla, and also some islands of the Gulf of Finland, Finland will get colossal economic profit. This edition was sponsored by Finnish organization "Pro Karelia", after USSR disintegration it started actively talking about the return of these territories to Finland. The members of the organization believe that in case of joining, unemployment rate will decrease, the development of agriculture will get the impulse, and economic growth will accelerate. But officially Helsinki declares that territory issue can not become the topic of negotiations between Russia and Finland. But in Finland here are many people, who support the idea. Local people consider that after returning of the territories their life will be better.

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